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Tamatebako Onsen in Healthy Land Ibusuki ヘルシーランド露天風呂 たまて箱温泉

Ibusuki healthy land Tamatebako open-air public bath
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Tamatebako (たまて箱) is one of the nicest public outdoor hotsprings in the Satsuma Peninsula in Kyushu. It is part of the Healthy Land Ibusuki Spa Center. The rotenburo is very big, surrounded by rock formations and beaches, with open views of the ocean.

Tamatebako outdoor hot springs

The Healthy Land Ibusuki Onsen is located in the south of Kyushu between Mount Takeyama on one side and Mt. Kaimondake on the other side. As a bonus, the open-air onsen overlooks the East China Sea and on some days you can even see Yakushima in the distance. Taking pictures is forbidden at all times and regretfully there were other people when wee visited.

Ibusuki healthy land Tamatebako open-air public bath

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Ibusuki healthy land Tamatebako open-air public bath

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The public open-air bath

Apart from onsens within hotels and ryokans, it is often possible to do a day-spa in a public bath. Such places are also gender separated, and cost much less (around 500 yen) than lodging in a ryokan.  In most public baths nudity is a must. Do not forget to take a towel with you  otherwise you have to buy one there (400 yes). Amenities are also not included, so take a small toiletry bag with you.

Sand baths and Ibusuki

Ibusuki itself is famous for its sand baths. All along its coast, you can see the sand emanating vapours. The sand bathing process consists of you getting covered by hot sand for less than a few minutes. The feeling is funny but not extraordinary. Healthy Land Ibusuki also offers sand baths. If you have time, you can do both, but otherwise, just skip them all together and go directly for the open-air bath.

Practical info

There are hourly busses that bring you to Healthy Land, just across Ibusuki Station. Buy a day ticket in the info bus tickets office, it will cost less than the 2 way ride and you will be able to explore more. They will also give you a map and show you for the right bus. For our day trip to Ibusuki we slept in Kagoshima, at the Dormy Inn Hotel and went to Ibusuki by train. Alternatively you can go by us from Kagoshima station.

Last visited in march 2020.