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Akita Gyu Gentei yakiniku restaurant 秋田焼肉牛玄亭 秋田駅前店

Akita Gyu Gentei
Akita Gyu Gentei

Akita 秋田市

Akita is the capital of Akita prefecture and the last stop of the Akita Shinkansen. It is the perfect starting point to explore the prefecture. There are many interesting sights in Akita city and great food options, among which appears this great yakiniku place.

Yakiniku 焼き肉

Yakiniku, or Japanese BBQ, literally means grilled meat. Normally, in a yakiniku restaurant the guests grill the meat themselves. Any type of meat may be served, readily cut into bite-sized slices.

Akita Gyu Gentei

While passing by from our hotel to the station several times, we noticed the billboards for this place. The restaurant is located on the second floor under the walkway connected to the station. We reserved a few hours before and were lucky there was a cancellation.

We took the Blue Dragon set menu for 2 people for 8,800 yen (tax included), which gave us plenty of food: very juicy and tasty meat cuts like thick sliced ​​beef tongue, upper ribs, etc served alongside appetisers, salads, noodles and tofu. We nicely paired our menu with a wine made from the North Italian grape Teroldego Rotaliano.

For a yakiniku restaurant, this place offers top quality ingredients, an impeccable and attentive service and a beautiful interior setting, for an affordable price. Highly recommendable!

Practical  info

Reservations are mandatory.