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Cheap lunches & food across Japan

Marunaka Shin-Tonosho in Shodoshima © Google Maps image

Beyond opening and closing hours of restaurants

Finding lunch after shops and restaurants close can be challenging, especially in rural and less inhabited areas. Often, small local restaurants close for lunch by 14:00 (or have last orders by 13:30), and convenience stores like Lawson or Family Mart, as well as roadside stations (Michi no Eki), might not be nearby.

The Supermarket is your friend

In these situations, supermarkets can be a great solution. Many have a small or larger food court, offering everything from bakery goods to cooked food, often packaged in single portions. Additionally, often you will find seating areas with tables and chairs, and sometimes coffee and even microwaves to heat up your meal if desired. This makes supermarkets a convenient and satisfying option when other food sources are unavailable.

Marunaka Shin-Tonosho store, © image from Google Maps

Common grocery store and supermarket brands in Japan

In Shikoku

  • Marunaka – マルナカ
  • Sunny Mart  – サニーマート
  • FUJI – フジ
  • Daily Mart – デイリーマート

In Kyushu

  • Marumiya – マルミヤストア
  • MaxValu – マックスバリュ
  • A Coop – Aコープ


  • Maruetsu – マルエツ
  • Life – ライフ
  • Hanamasa – ハナマサ
  • Aeon – イオン
  • Maeda – マエダ