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Vie de France bakeries

Vie de France bakery
Vie de France bakery, © Rekall

Vie de France is  a bakery chain that an be found almost everywhere on the main island of Honshu. Mostly found in train stations, it’s great for set breakfast meals. Depending on the location, they cost between 400-500 yen and include a salty item (egg omelet, hot-dog, warm tuna toast, egg sandwich, ham and cheese sandwich etc), a coffee and sometimes a small extra, like a banana or a yoghurt.

Set-meal at Vie de France

Set meal at Vie de France, © Rekall

Their whole assortiment of sweet and salted pastries is excellent and well-priced, so feel free to compose your own breakfast as well. The coffee comes in siphon style and its tasty.

Syphon coffee at Vie de France

Syphon coffee at Vie de France ©Rekall

My favourite sweets: Caramel cheese bun カラメルチーズバー (Sweet Milky Cream Cheese in Danish).

Sweet Milky Cream Cheese in Danish at Vie de France

Sweet Milky Cream Cheese in Danish, &copy Rekall