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The best value Dormy Inn Hotels ドーミーイン

Dormy inn kumamoto
Dormy inn Kumamoto, ©

If you’re on a mid-range budget (means you are not looking for the cheapest options but still don’t want to spend hundreds of euro’s on a hotel), the Dormy Inn Hotels are highly recommendable. Even though rooms are often small, there are other reasons that make us go there over and over again:

  • Often, they are situated close to train stations which makes it very convenient for train travel or in cities downtown centre, so that you can easily go and grab some food and drinks or enjoy the nightlife.
  • There is a free serving of Yonaki soba noodles (light ramen in shoyu) in their restaurant between 21:30-23:00.  Latecomers (after 23:00) can request a free cup noodle and you get the same if you choose not to replace your towels and bed linnen from 2 nights. 
  • There is free coffee at the lobby, usually after 14:00 but sometimes in the morning as well (times vary between hotels).

Onsen indoor and outdoor

The most important reason which makes Dormy Inns different from other chain hotels like the Toyoko Inn, Tokyu Rei, Daiwa Roynet  ect is that in 99% of the case they come with an indoor and outdoor onsen area. It is free to use, from your check-in time till midnight or sometimes longer. There is no better thing than go and soak into the onsen after a long walk in the city or a day hiking trip. On rainy days  it can be a great place to spend time. Some Dormy Inns even use natural sources pumped from the ground. 

The hotels are scattered around all Japan. Check the whole list of hotels on their site.

Dormy Inn Hotel outside onsen

Dormy inn Kumamoto, ©

Dormy Inn

Dormy Inn

For now we have tested Dormy Inns in these cities: (links to Google maps locations). Last visit April 2024

  1. Dormy Inn Hotel Kochi- ドーミーイン高知
  2. Dormy Inn Express Hakodate Goryokaku – ドーミーインEXPRESS函館五稜郭 (permanently closed 🙁 )
  3. Dormy Inn Asahikawa – 天然温泉神威の湯ドーミーイン旭川
  4. Dormy Inn Akita (Nakadori Onsen Komachi of Dormy Inn Akita – 中通温泉こまちの湯ドーミーイン秋田)
  5. Dormy Inn Kumamoto – 天然温泉六花の湯ドーミーイン熊本
  6. Dormy Inn Kurashiki Natural Hot Spring – 天然温泉 阿智の湯 ドーミーイン倉敷
  7. Dormy Inn Kagoshima – ドーミーイン 鹿児島
  8. Dormy Inn Honhachinohe – 天然温泉 南部の湯 ドーミーイン本八戸
  9. Dormy Inn Himeji – 天然温泉白鷺の湯ドーミーイン姫路
  10. Dormy Inn Takamatsu – ドーミーイン高松
  11. Dormy Inn Kurashiki Natural Hot Spring – 天然温泉 阿智の湯 ドーミーイン倉敷
  12. Dormy Inn Express Matsue – ドーミーインEXPRESS松江
  13. Dormy Inn Nara (Onyado Nono) –  天然温泉 吉野桜の湯 御宿 野乃 奈良
  14. Dormy Inn Nagasaki – 出島の湯 ドーミーイン長崎新地中華街
  15. Dormy Inn Hakata Gion – ドーミーイン博多祇園
  16. Dormy Inn Hiroshima – 安芸の湯ドーミーイン広島
  17. Dormy Inn Sendai ANNEX – 天然温泉青葉の湯ドーミーイン仙台ANNEX