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(Free) bike rental across Japan

Free bikes in Niigata
Free bikes in Niigata

Renting a bicycle may be the most convenient way to bring you around within (smaller) cities in Japan. Start from the tourist information center, usually located very close or adjacent to train station and ask if there is a bike rental service nearby. Often you can rent directly from them or they will draw you a map for a bike rental service nearby. Alternatively, you may also inquire at the train station information counter – chances are they rent bikes as well.

Every city has its own service and policy. Sometimes it is possible to drop-off the bikes at different points. Returns are usually between 16:00 and 17:00.

Verified free bike rental is available in:

  • Himeji
  • Tsuruoka
  • Sakata
  • Akita

Other verified and almost free alternatives (under 500 yen):

Takamatsu: rental located in underground parking just outside the train station, and 6 other locations available in Town. 100 yen per 6 hours and 200 per 24 hours. Renting time from 7:00-22:00. Check their website for all info.

Niigata: rental is behind the station, the tourist info will give you a map or explain directions to get there. Bikes can be returned in different pick-up / drop-off points, by 17:00. Price 300 yen for the membership card with 3 hours included. After that its 100 yen per 3 hours.

Morioka: rental is 300 meters from the train station, direction center. Price 100 yen for the whole day. Return by 21:00 back in same location.

Aizuwakamatsu: 500 yen per day, different drop-offs possible, returns by 17:00. Use this site since at the official tourist information counter they offer the same price but for 3 hours only.

Murakami: 500 yen per day, at train station itself. Return by 17:00.

Kumamoto: 300 yen for up to 6 hours. Bikes must be returned by 21:30. Pickup at the centrally located Kumamoto International Center.

Tono: 500 yen for two hours, rental is across the station, from the Tourist Information Office