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Nakatsu Gorge 中津渓谷

Uryu no Taki waterfall
Uryu no Taki waterfall

Nakatsu Gorge, alongside Yasui Gorge, is renowned as one of the prime spots to behold the majestic “Niyodo Blue,” the nickname for the 124km-long Niyodo River. The Nakatsu River, a tributary of the Niyodo, extends further below, providing a tranquil setting.

The trail

The trail spans 2.3km and offers an easy hour-long walk. It meanders along the riverside, occasionally crossing via bridges and stepping stones. Despite its brevity, it’s incredibly photogenic.

The trail’s pinnacle is the majestic Uryu no Taki waterfall, where the rushing river cascades down 20 meters, filling the limpid blue pools along the trail. However, every sight along the path is truly breathtaking: pathways, bridges, waterfalls, and stunning rock formations sculpted over years of erosion from rain. The bedrock, over 17,000 years old, features iron deposits that lend some rocks a reddish hue.


The area itself is very peaceful, surrounded mostly by nature with few accommodations or dining options. We lodged at Yunomori, conveniently located next to the gorge’s entrance. Arriving in the afternoon, we had ample time to stroll along the gorge and later unwind in the ryokan’s onsen. We combined our two-day stay with exploration of the Yasui Gorge.

Practical info

We last visited in April 5th 2024.